And That, is One Happy Dog!!!


On the off-chance I decide to jog, I like to take photos for proof!  You know I’m not lying when his tongue hangs that low! Ha, ha!  This post is for M-R.  Had to get  a recent picture of your favorite on-line pup with the freakishly long tongue!  I hope you all have a great day and get the same smile I did when I turned the camera around and saw that crazy face!

Starting Over, Still Learning, Trying Not to Give Up!


Do I still have followers?  I sit here on this cold fall day and wonder why I give up on myself so easily…

This picture was taken yesterday in my PJs kneeling down on the soaked driveway, with my camera wrapped in a lite plastic cover that you would use to cover fancy clothes.  Because that is all I could find in a hurry!  Trying to catch the rain drops as they landed and splashed up I just couldn’t quiet capture it.  After several attempts I discovered that this one spoke to me the most.  Or perhaps, like the title suggests I gave up…

Should you still have me in your sights I hope you enjoy the photo!