And That is Why You Have Chickens!


A while ago I posted pictures of our new chicks!

Now I can say I am happy to have them!

Fresh eggs are the way to go.





A New Addition



She is having a hard time making friends with the others I may need to give her back to the neighbor if the others don’t quit picking on her!  I found out which Hens rule the roost though, Chewy and Big Red.  Chew is the other black one behind her in the top photo, the other is Little Red, Big Red is wandering the pin.

The Chicks Are Growing Up!

DSC_0439 DSC_0468

Well I would have to say having Chickens again isn’t the Cluster Cluck I thought it would be.  Yes I have my moments…  They are growing up so quickly!

The black one is Chewy, I haven’t named the others yet, that isn’t entirely true.  The others I call curious.  That is what I call any of them when they start looking around and getting closer to me to see what I  am doing.

Chewy got her name because the markings on her head from a distance looked like Chewy from Star Wars.

You Know When I don’t get out don’t you… yep, “The Dog.”

It is hard to chase trucks from this inside post...

It is hard to chase trucks from this inside post…

I think I will have to challenge myself a little more.  I like my dog but you all may be getting tired of him! Sorry he is my go to when nothing else catches my eye.

Poor Guy just wants to run!  No fence and he likes to chase trucks, not all trucks just certain ones… odd.  So he longs for freedom.


I think he wants me to find another photography subject as well!  Trying to get him to look at me is like asking my teenagers to pose and smile!  It is getting harder and harder.

What? Bad Dog, I Was Never Here!

What? Bad Dog...

What? Bad Dog…


I Was Never Here…

It was way too cold to go find something to capture outside!  The dog of course thought it was too cold too, and found the warmest, coziest room in the house.

He is the cutest dog and I let him get away with too much!

I think these are my favorite so far in the dog series.  I like the expression on his face in the first and I like how his movement makes him disappear before your eyes!  As though he is saying “I was never here.”

Now I have to wash the sheets again. My hubby has a no dog on the bed rule, that is clearly broken on many occasions! Ha-ha!