Working with Layer Masks

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When you are first learning Photoshop, layer masks can seem overwhelming and confusing. It’s ok, photoshop itself can be overwhelming and confusing. I promise, once you understand the basics of Layer Masks, you’ll be glad to utilize this skill in your post processing workflow. In fact, you will find that using layer masks is one of the most essential parts of Photoshop.

What is a Layer Mask?

Mask might be a deceiving term. Think of Transparency instead. If you think of it as Layer Transparency, that often will make a difference in understanding how it works. The bottom line, a Layer Mask allows you to control the level of transparency on a Layer. Yes, it’s that simple.

However, don’t think of it as Opacity. Opacity changes the transparency on the whole layer. If you adjust the opacity it’s going to adjust the transparency for the entire layer which can be…

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Lifetime Focus…


Lifetime Focus

Is it the old or the new… Focus

Is it the color that fades

Is it the time that just keeps ticking away… Focus

Is it the shadows that hang or the light that dances

Is it the slumber of winter or the spring that awakens… Focus

Or perhaps it is the light at the end of the path

You have but one Lifetime… Focus

Finally! Some Time…

DSC_0110a DSC_0143

We have been so busy landscaping I haven’t had a chance to really get my camera out!  Mothers day though, I was able to.  We went on a hike up the Icicle! The flowers I have been told are edible but they are also protected and you are not supposed to pick them.  I suppose if I were starving I would have to take the chance!  The little butterflies were cute!   On a creepy note the ticks were insane brushed three of them off my husband. Creepy Critters!