Last Minute Senior Pictures


So much fun!  I need to work on my posing.  That is one aspect of photography that is really mind-boggling in the moment and I look like a complete goof trying to get people to do what I have in mind.

Still learning but I thought this one was pretty cool!  What do you think?


What Do You See??

Going With The Flow

I see an abstract dog!  Out and about the other day and since today is a cooking day I had to cheat and use a photo from the other day.  Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.  Perhaps I will find something interesting in the kitchen to take a picture of.

Even While In The Thick Of It You Can Still Reach For The Sky!

M, 1/4000, F1.8, ISO 200, 50mm

M, 1/4000, F1.8, ISO 200, 50mm

So I went out and about today and boy was it cold and gloomy!  Driving around I wasn’t sure I was going to come back with a single picture and you would have seen another photo of the dog.

Lucky you… I drove past this orchard that has yet to be pruned.  I thought the thickness at the bottom with all the trees in the background looked pretty cool, with the one tree leading the charge!

Or perhaps it represents the feeling one might have when they are weighed down with the circumstances of life but still holding on and not giving up!  Don’t give up you will bloom again and produce much good fruit!

Did some editing with PS and Picmonkey

Play Time For The Both Of Us!

M, 1/8, F1.8, ISO200, 50mm

M, 1/8, F1.8, ISO200, 50mm

He stares intently at his toy being held at the top of the photo.  He had fun unwrapping it for Christmas and enjoys a good game of fetch.  Kona is quite the character, he is just too much of a ham not to take his picture.

I really need to get out and about to take some pictures of something other than the dog.  Although his expressiveness in the eyes draw the camera back to him again and again.

Still using my camera in Manual Mode.  That is the goal from the start of this project it has been fun learning on my own with tips from some great Bloggers and Photographers that I am following.

Looking forward to a new year full of new adventures and photographic possibilities!  We are avid hikers and I can’t wait to take my camera along and get some night shots of the mountains, lakes and streams that are so abundant in the area of Washington that I live!  Now that I have the know how I am just a little giddy with thoughts of nature, the smell of the forest and the beauty that the night sky holds!

As Close As I Can…


Manual Mode, 1/125, F4.5, ISO 200, 24mm

I was hoping to catch the train coming at me while I was on the tracks… but considering I am a wife and mother of two teenagers, I thought it best to keep a safe distance.

I have something in mind for another photo.  As the train went by it had an engine going in reverse in the right conditions and at the right angle I can have it look like it is coming at me without the bad timing possibility!

I had fun in Photoshop converting it to BW and playing with some other things such as the blur tool, the history brush and I may have used the diffused glow filter one of my favorites!

Happy New Year to all of you already in 2014 I still have a few hours yet of 2013!!!

From Cars To Tea Cups

DSC_0877Signed copy

Photo Info Manual Mode 1/90, F1.8, ISO 2000, 50mm

Tea Time!  One of my favorite gifts of Christmas a new tea-cup collection, the thing I like the most… none of them match!  Because not everyone likes the same style.  A tea party for misfits, that is me!

Looking forward to getting back on track with a photo a day in Manual Mode!  Learning a lot, now if the weather would cooperate and either snow or give me clear nights.

I really like to take pictures of the stars and the night lights.  I want to capture a long exposure of the stars you know… the ones where the stars swirl in a circular motion!  I just need to figure out how to do that without a remote shutter release.