And That, is One Happy Dog!!!


On the off-chance I decide to jog, I like to take photos for proof!  You know I’m not lying when his tongue hangs that low! Ha, ha!  This post is for M-R.  Had to get  a recent picture of your favorite on-line pup with the freakishly long tongue!  I hope you all have a great day and get the same smile I did when I turned the camera around and saw that crazy face!

3 thoughts on “And That, is One Happy Dog!!!

  1. M-R is RAPT ! Kona is absolutely wonderful, and I hadn’t realized about the extraordinarily long tongue, Maria ! 😀
    It’s also such a lovely pic. of you; and your Homecoming Princess has so much of you in her face …
    Your husband should LOVE this pic. ! – as should everyone !!!

    • Thanks again M-R he’s tongue is crazy long and Thank you for noticing the resemblance my daughter and I have. I was asked once if my kids were mine and the person then said “Hmm… They look nothing like you.”

      • I can only remark that whoever that person was, a swift whack over the back of the head and immediate carrying off to the loony bin is recommended …

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