When the Moon and Planets Come Together!


I hope tonight I will have more time to play with my settings!  Last night I was out with a friend and as we were leaving the restaurant our other friend pointed out this awesome sight!

I was trying not to speed home so I could break out the camera, clean off the dust and capture a few shots before it disappeared behind the hill!  It has been awhile once again maybe this will snap me out of my photography slump!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day or night where ever you may be on this amazing planet!

Starting Over, Still Learning, Trying Not to Give Up!


Do I still have followers?  I sit here on this cold fall day and wonder why I give up on myself so easily…

This picture was taken yesterday in my PJs kneeling down on the soaked driveway, with my camera wrapped in a lite plastic cover that you would use to cover fancy clothes.  Because that is all I could find in a hurry!  Trying to catch the rain drops as they landed and splashed up I just couldn’t quiet capture it.  After several attempts I discovered that this one spoke to me the most.  Or perhaps, like the title suggests I gave up…

Should you still have me in your sights I hope you enjoy the photo!

A Colorful Option… Spice Bottles!

DSC_0998 DSC_1001

While waiting for my Girlie to be done with a coffee date with a friend, I spotted these colorful spice bottles!  Earlier that day I had gone up while the town was quite in the AM to take pictures.   Was ready to take a cool shot when I turned on the camera only for it to tell me my SD memory card was still at home 10 miles away! The afternoon was a success.

A New Addition



She is having a hard time making friends with the others I may need to give her back to the neighbor if the others don’t quit picking on her!  I found out which Hens rule the roost though, Chewy and Big Red.  Chew is the other black one behind her in the top photo, the other is Little Red, Big Red is wandering the pin.