When the Moon and Planets Come Together!


I hope tonight I will have more time to play with my settings!  Last night I was out with a friend and as we were leaving the restaurant our other friend pointed out this awesome sight!

I was trying not to speed home so I could break out the camera, clean off the dust and capture a few shots before it disappeared behind the hill!  It has been awhile once again maybe this will snap me out of my photography slump!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day or night where ever you may be on this amazing planet!

Last Minute Senior Pictures


So much fun!  I need to work on my posing.  That is one aspect of photography that is really mind-boggling in the moment and I look like a complete goof trying to get people to do what I have in mind.

Still learning but I thought this one was pretty cool!  What do you think?

Starting Over, Still Learning, Trying Not to Give Up!


Do I still have followers?  I sit here on this cold fall day and wonder why I give up on myself so easily…

This picture was taken yesterday in my PJs kneeling down on the soaked driveway, with my camera wrapped in a lite plastic cover that you would use to cover fancy clothes.  Because that is all I could find in a hurry!  Trying to catch the rain drops as they landed and splashed up I just couldn’t quiet capture it.  After several attempts I discovered that this one spoke to me the most.  Or perhaps, like the title suggests I gave up…

Should you still have me in your sights I hope you enjoy the photo!

A Colorful Option… Spice Bottles!

DSC_0998 DSC_1001

While waiting for my Girlie to be done with a coffee date with a friend, I spotted these colorful spice bottles!  Earlier that day I had gone up while the town was quite in the AM to take pictures.   Was ready to take a cool shot when I turned on the camera only for it to tell me my SD memory card was still at home 10 miles away! The afternoon was a success.