Bridges Over The Wenatchee River




Went out the other day to see what I could see!  I thought I would go check out this train bridge that has been calling to me to be photographed for a long time now.

Sundays are a good day to be on the tracks the trains don’t start running again until late afternoon.

I like the textures the wood, steal, rocks and rivets! It is a beautiful thing in its own way.


Movie Night! 29/365

Movie Night

Movie Night

Picture info Manual SS 1sec F4.5 ISO Lo1 22mm

Just hanging out with my boys Hubby on the left my boy on the right! I thought all our feet on the ottoman was cute.  I hope you have those moments that catch your creative eye!  Pretty good movie too!

P.S. I can’t believe I have stuck with something for 29 days that is a record!

Seeing Stars!



My first attempt at capturing starlight It took a good 4 or 5 tries but you can see Orion in this one! This is my Thanksgiving post! Thankful for the Universe the Lord created for us to enjoy!

I used my tripod, my wide-angle lens I set my camera to the Bulb setting and F Stop was at 4  and the Shutter Speed well it was a clear night and freezing so I held the shutter release down as long as I could before I started shaking.  This is where a remote would come in quite handy! This was the clearest picture I got!

You know I thought I couldn’t learn this but I am and I am so thankful that it is possible, to change your mindset and try new things and learn something new everyday!  Reminds me of a sweet lady I met working at a nursing home.  She always set aside money every year and every new year she took that money and learned something new Pottery, Painting, Drawing… something just for her, an awesome lady she was.


27/365 What the camera says is right, isn’t always right…


1.5 exposure time, F38, 55mm

Wow! Bright Light, Bright Light!! Good thing I’m not a Gremlin… I did not, just date myself!  Anyway, I set the camera so that the exposure said it was all good you know that line that looks like this in your camera ——I—— and if it is good, it should look like what I just did.  Well, the picture above is what I got… not right!

So I did a quicker exposure time and made my line look more like this ——I1111– if you know what I mean.  This is what happens when a Newbie is being self-taught and tries to explain in camera exposure.

1/45 exposure time, F38, 55mm

1/45 exposure time, F38, 55mm


These are the neighbors Pigeons that for some reason they thought it was a good idea to start feeding! Yuck!!! If I were a mean neighbor I would allow my son to practice target shooting.  I am not though, so they make for a nice photo shoot instead!

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!


Playing With The Point Of Focus

The Intricacies of Nature

The Intricacies of Nature

Using my 18-55mm lens I was playing with my point of focus on a log.  It had the coolest designs on it.  I hand-held the camera and I was getting shaky I think this was the best one.

So does anyone know what causes this to happen?  Is it from fire or bugs I can’t remember…?

Unconditional Love

Dog backwards God

Dog backwards God


Brainstorming for another picture so that I could post and be caught up.  My original plan was to do the heart thing on its own, then you know who… decided he wanted to be part of the post as always.  It couldn’t have been more perfect so I went with it!  The Bible open to the book of John the one book that is all about the Unconditional Love of God.  The dog decided to lay down and take another nap.

It got me thinking about something I read a while ago about a Dog being so much like God in their unconditional love for us. I cherish what the Lord has done for me and I cherish my dog they both love me no matter what I have done or what my mood is.  They both always welcome me when ever I sit with them.

If you want to experience unconditional love on earth get a dog.  If you want to experience it for an Eternity read the book of John in the bible and let the Lord into your heart!

It Is Just That Kind Of Day…

When all else fails take a picture of the dog.

When all else fails take a picture of the dog.

With a fire in the fireplace what else is there to do?  Time to take a nap, sounds good to me.

I am at a stalemate, it is cold outside and well picture opportunities are a little rare if you don’t go anywhere.

I also find that I would really like to have a 50mm lens.  I like to get that background blur but haven’t really been able to achieve it with the two kit lenses my camera came with.

I can edit and create it later but it just isn’t the same!

It is just that kind of day…