He Loves Me!!!


My husbands first job was a line cook at a German restaurant, he has enjoyed cooking ever since.  He can open a cupboard and pull this and that out and make a mouth-watering creation. I on the other hand open it and blank…  Good thing he didn’t have too many domestic requirements for marrying me!  He loves me, that is all that is needed and for me to love him back of course!  My son likes his cooking much more than he likes mine!  That’s fine, I will do the dishes.

And Now… We Have Chickens!

DSC_0146 DSC_0151 DSC_0162

So it has been a debate lately, should we or shouldn’t we get chickens again… I thought it was settled with the word NO!!!

While I was sleeping, my daughter answers the phone and her Dad asks her if we should get Chickens?  She says “No, I don’t like Chickens.” He then asks “How about little chicks?”  “I like chicks!!!”  That is all it took, SOLD!

We are now proud owners of little chicks, soon to be chickens, my daughter was rather disappointed!  The look on her face when I told her they would become full-grown chickens was… Priceless!!




Took my dog out on the retractable leash that doesn’t retract anymore.  Took him over to watch a friend’s daughter practice Softball.  Was doing well until a neighbor thought it was OK to have her dog off leash and it started to run around the outfield!  My dog saw a dinner option and bolted there in, leaving my shutter finger almost taken off.

Let this be another warning on top of the one already on the packaging, you are not stronger than your dog!!  Do not for any reason wrap the leash around your hand or fingers. For all you visual learners!!!  Next month may look like this month with my lame efforts to take a picture a day for 365 days.

Because She Makes Me Smile


DSC_0096 DSC_0138DSC_0142

My daughter went to her first High School dance yesterday!  She had the most amazing time!  The big city Haha… throws a Spring Dance for all the Special Needs students from around the valley and beyond, with General Ed student helpers and attendees. They made it one heck of a great time. I am so glad my daughter has no insecurities what so ever and got out there and danced like nobody was watching!  I should certainly take a page from her book, life would be a whole lot more fun!

Afterwards I snapped a few portrait shots because this girl can take some stunning photos.  She is the perfect model.   Love her so much!