As Close As I Can…


Manual Mode, 1/125, F4.5, ISO 200, 24mm

I was hoping to catch the train coming at me while I was on the tracks… but considering I am a wife and mother of two teenagers, I thought it best to keep a safe distance.

I have something in mind for another photo.  As the train went by it had an engine going in reverse in the right conditions and at the right angle I can have it look like it is coming at me without the bad timing possibility!

I had fun in Photoshop converting it to BW and playing with some other things such as the blur tool, the history brush and I may have used the diffused glow filter one of my favorites!

Happy New Year to all of you already in 2014 I still have a few hours yet of 2013!!!

Room With A View.


Photo Info M, 1/45, F1.8, ISO 200, 50mm


The Dog has found a new place to hang out while I blog and surf Facebook.  I would say it is a far cry better than where he usually likes to be.  That would be draped across my lap or even sitting like he is in the second photo… on my lap.  My mistake, when he was a puppy I would let him lie on my lap while I was working on the computer.  He does not realize, he out grew my lap years ago.


Photo Info M, 1/60, F1.8, ISO 200, 50mm

My husband revamped the office while on our Christmas and New Year break. It is much roomier with more storage,  what woman doesn’t like that? I often think Oh no, what is he thinking when he tells me about his projects.  I should know by now after 16 years of marriage he knows what he is doing and 99% of the time, the results are great!

Getting Started with Nightscapes

Photofocus (old site)

Winter is the perfect time to practice nighttime photography. I took advantage of the long nights during my Christmas holiday to make some photographs with a friend who hadn’t done nighttime work before, and the tips I shared with her will help you get started making stunning star pictures, too. I don’t mean this to be a comprehensive tutorial on astro photography, but these tips will get you past the frustrations of shooting at night.

Most of the terms I mention are universal, but you may need to consult your camera’s manual for specifics on your model.

Bring the Right Tools
Plan on using a wide angle lens, something like 28mm or less. It’s a given, but it’ll be dark when you’re shooting, so bring a flashlight to see the camera controls; bring a red one if you have it to save your night vision (my phone has often doubled…

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From Cars To Tea Cups

DSC_0877Signed copy

Photo Info Manual Mode 1/90, F1.8, ISO 2000, 50mm

Tea Time!  One of my favorite gifts of Christmas a new tea-cup collection, the thing I like the most… none of them match!  Because not everyone likes the same style.  A tea party for misfits, that is me!

Looking forward to getting back on track with a photo a day in Manual Mode!  Learning a lot, now if the weather would cooperate and either snow or give me clear nights.

I really like to take pictures of the stars and the night lights.  I want to capture a long exposure of the stars you know… the ones where the stars swirl in a circular motion!  I just need to figure out how to do that without a remote shutter release.



Vintage Cars Can You Guess The Make and Model?


I haven’t been doing so well with my picture a day challenge.  I hope to get back on track from here on out.  Trying to find something to take a picture of on a foggy cold day was a challenge in it’s self.

I hope everyone had a great Holiday!  I was playing with my wide angle lens and trying to be creative snapped this one and thought it would make a nice mystery shot.

Wondering if there are any Vintage Car buffs out there that can name the make and model without seeing the rest of the vehicle…


Christmas 2013 Playing with the new 50mm lens.

DSC_0830 DSC_0853

You are never too old to make a gift for your parents.  The ornaments my kiddos made us this year at their Aunts house! Love them.

I also took the idea I got from a fellow blogger and set my camera up on the tripod and set the camera to take pictures every 20 seconds up to 900 pictures while we all opened gifts.  I didn’t have to be behind the camera and we were all in the shots. I will have to improve on my setup though it wasn’t the greatest perspective.


The dog was happy with his gift too!


Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas we did!  Thank you Lord for the most precious gift of the season, Your son Jesus Thank you!


Essential Tips for Long Exposure Photography

Thinking I need to read this one!

Photofocus (old site)

Long exposures are a whole different world of photography, and in the winter months when the sun is gone more often than not, they expand your opportunities for shooting. Here are a few quick tips to get you started making long exposure photographs.

Get Stable

First of all, use a tripod, or a bean bag, or your jacket on the railing of the pedestrian bridge. It doesn’t matter how you do it, but you need to stabilize the camera so it doesn’t move even slightly during the time the shutter is open. Also, this is a good time to use the virtual horizon if your camera has one.

Get Sharp

Next, choose your aperture. I’d recommend starting at f/11. This will likely give you good sharpness and probably good starbursts on any lights in the frame. I frequently use anything from f/8 to f/22. A smaller aperture will yield a…

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Basketball!!!! Still learning the right ratios… SS, Fstop, and ISO.

Shutter Speed 1/90th, F stop 4.5 and ISO 2000

Shutter Speed 1/90th, F stop 4.5 and ISO 2000

I bumped up the ISO and opened up the aperture. This shot not so great but the next two show the nice shot he makes after his jump stop, as 44 flies past him. That’s my BOY!  As you can see in my excitement I have the world tipped in his favor haha!!


SS 1/90th, F stop 4.2 and ISO 2000

I suppose I could edit and make the shot straighter.  I still have not learned how to stop action without a flash will have to experiment with that one I guess.


Considering the light was good and mostly accurate I am happy with that.  I used to get nothing but black or completely blurry pictures when using it in the manual mode.  So to actually get something for the first time in manual mode that you can see and some people are actually in focus, I am happy!

It’s Christmas Time!!!

The Bavarian Town of Leavenworth WA.

The Bavarian Town of Leavenworth WA.

Wow!!! They have improved over the years for sure! Living so close to a tourist town has its glorious moments and this is one of them.

After picking my girlie up from ballet.  I parked the car and with tripod and camera in hand I went and snapped a few photos.

I liked having it set on Bulb and having a longer exposure time because it allowed people to walk through the photo without any trace of them being there! It was kind of cool! I kept telling people no worries keep moving, but I did appreciate the fact that so many wanted to be courteous and allow me the shot without them in it!

I hope your Christmas is filled with joyous, and glorious moments such as these!  Merry Christmas to you all!

Playing With Night Time

Going home!

Going home!

The Moon was pretty tonight, closing down the Aperture gave it a nice star look!

Played with the second photo in Photoshop and used the filter Paint Daubs, it smoothed the look of it.  I thought it looked nice. This one was taken yesterday.

Moon over Orion

Moon over Orion