This Is Not Easy

Hoping to figure out my camera, while also trying my hand at blogging!  What was I thinking…

Now that I got my picture to load… the entire point of this blog Rawrrr!  I haven’t been out yet to capture the beauty of nature, so I caught on camera the next best thing, the dog.  He clearly thinks this is silly!

Photo Info. Manual 1/20th F4.5 ISO 200 at 24mm

I have used my wide angle lens for the first two photos.  Makes capturing his silliness up close and personal much easier.

Show me what you really think about this photo project.

Show me what you really think about this photo project.

2/365 Photo Project

A Newbie To Blogging

Well here I go, starting something  new, blogging!  To all you blogging veterans bear with me, this could be ugly!

I am using this blog to track my progress in a much-needed learning process that is, the Manual Mode for my camera, a Nikon D5000.

My hope is to be the photographer all my friends think, I already am… but I know better!  This is my first photo.

My son hanging out with mans best friend.  You know best friends share everything right… even the results of a bad

meal!  What’s a little gas between friends!!!

The photo info M mode 1/25 F4.5 ISO 1600 24mm

My son and his dog Kona.

My son and his dog Kona.

1/365 Photo Project

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