When the Moon and Planets Come Together!


I hope tonight I will have more time to play with my settings!  Last night I was out with a friend and as we were leaving the restaurant our other friend pointed out this awesome sight!

I was trying not to speed home so I could break out the camera, clean off the dust and capture a few shots before it disappeared behind the hill!  It has been awhile once again maybe this will snap me out of my photography slump!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day or night where ever you may be on this amazing planet!

An Eye In The Sky, much more appealing than the other eyes in the sky.


The Moon… who can resist, not I.   Still playing and learning in both the Manual Mode of my camera and Photoshop.  It is pretty amazing when you set your mind to something how much easier it gets each day! If I can do this anyone can!!!

What I saw and what I could capture with the camera alone are two different things.  So the bulk of the photo is one picture and the Moon is another.  In Photoshop I opened both photos and took the moon from one shot, that had the surface detail of the moon and used the quick select tool, that I learned about from (Photofocus) and moved it to the photo that had the star burst moon and combined them to get this one picture!

Hope you like it!

Bird Invasion!

DSC_0589bw DSC_0593bw

I was sitting at the computer enjoying some of your posts, when I heard quite a racket!  I look out the window and on the power lines just outside the window… tons of birds!

I of course wanted to take a picture of them all.  But, I opened the shade and away they went.  I had my 50mm lens on the camera and the birds landed a bit farther away than I had hoped in the tree of a neighbor up the road.

So I had to zoom in and crop in Photoshop.  To give you an idea of how many there were I took a photo of the tree without any birds.  I missed out on them all huddled together in flight moving all at once this way and that before they landed.  That is a pretty cool sight to see unless you have a fear of birds and then, well, that would suck! HAHA.

It looks like we might be getting a little snow Yay!!!!

They Are Human (not “The Dog”) HAHA!


Oh, these kiddos are just too much fun!  On my way home with my friends kids in the backseat how else do you pass the time when Mom gets caught chatting with an old acquaintance at a gas station.  You ask if they can cross their eyes.  Then you ask if they can open their eyes wide and cross their eyes… yes they can!  The littlest one is trying use his fingers to cross his!  HaHa!!!


One more for giggles!!!! And Peace Out!

DSC_0035eye5x7 copy