Just In Case You Were Wondering…


Hard at work with landscaping and cleaning up our yard!  It is looking pretty good!  The grass is starting to grow and that makes me happy!  The photo isn’t note worthy by any means but it’s a start!!! HAHA!  Yeah, I know, not that funny!  Sorry I haven’t been to faithful with my posts, to all of you still following me… Thanks.

Dishes: A Love Hate Relationship

I choose Love!

I choose Love!

Who has a dishwasher, who loves their dishwasher?  Me but, it is broken.  So I am finding the LOVE in the menial task of hand washing my dishes.

I am a complainer by nature, (LAME) “I know right” so I choose today to love the fact that I have dishes to wash, running water to clean them and a sink to hold them.

I don’t think all photos have to be extraordinary to have meaning, some are quite ordinary!

Morning Tree Silhouettes


Getting up late has its advantages.  Had to take the kids to school and on my way home I spotted this pretty scene.  I still have yet to learn, to bring my camera everywhere.  I had to run to the house and get it, not too far away though.

Another photo that I have been meaning to take for a while.  I like these trees and the way they come together and frame the morning sun, with a rainbow to boot, my lucky day!   Have a wonderful day everyone!



Good Morning Sunrise!


Trying to keep up with the picture a day for 365 days… it is hard!  I like to be creative and find things that are visually appealing.  I hope this one appeals to someone.

I was on Facebook and a fellow photographer had posted her morning sunrise pictures, I almost missed it!  Had to snag my camera and go see what I could see!


Bird Invasion!

DSC_0589bw DSC_0593bw

I was sitting at the computer enjoying some of your posts, when I heard quite a racket!  I look out the window and on the power lines just outside the window… tons of birds!

I of course wanted to take a picture of them all.  But, I opened the shade and away they went.  I had my 50mm lens on the camera and the birds landed a bit farther away than I had hoped in the tree of a neighbor up the road.

So I had to zoom in and crop in Photoshop.  To give you an idea of how many there were I took a photo of the tree without any birds.  I missed out on them all huddled together in flight moving all at once this way and that before they landed.  That is a pretty cool sight to see unless you have a fear of birds and then, well, that would suck! HAHA.

It looks like we might be getting a little snow Yay!!!!