Technology… I Don’t Like It, Most Of The Time.

M mode, 1/125, F2.4, ISO 200, 50mm

M mode, 1/125, F2.4, ISO 200, 50mm

Trying to figure out a photo to take today and my son was the perfect model.  I despise these soul sucking contraptions so much so my son had to buy his own. Used of course and I can’t wait for the day that he drops it and it no longer works!!!! Would love to have a conversation that didn’t include Huh… I was changing the song… What I was texting… Just a second I am posting something!  The good old days where did they go???

It’s A Rufff… Life!

M mode, 1/30, F1.8, ISO Lo1, 50mm

M mode, 1/30, F1.8, ISO Lo1, 50mm

Yep… still way too cold for me to go trekking around outside today.  So I am in the process of going through my room one item at a time and deciding whether to keep, sell or toss.  “The Dog” reflects the feeling I have for such a chore, would rather take a nap over this any day!

In A Photo Funk!

Needing some new light!

Needing some new light!

I was doing so well in January and then towards the end I just got lazy and the scenery didn’t do much for me in the way of catching my eye and making me think yeah… I have got to have a picture of that!  Now it is already three days into February.  I defiantly need some new light and a change of scenery!

Lost and Found


Went for a little walk today and decided to check out the canal that is drained for the winter, to see what might catch my eye.  When I found this lost treasure on my return back home.  The canal is across from our High School softball fields.   Not too many foul balls make it that far.

Don’t Forget To Check The ISO!


Another beautiful sunrise this morning!  I was busy getting lunches made and thinking about breakfast, when I looked out side and saw this beauty! I had to grab the camera I thought for a second it would be for my eyes only but I quickly changed my mind.

After it lost all its splendor I realized I forgot to change the ISO from my night-time photographing last night and at 3200 ISO this is just a little too grainy for my liking!  Lesson learned, check the ISO before you start snapping wonders  like this!

I changed the ISO to 200 and captured what was left of the splendor. Can you see the difference in the picture?


Dishes: A Love Hate Relationship

I choose Love!

I choose Love!

Who has a dishwasher, who loves their dishwasher?  Me but, it is broken.  So I am finding the LOVE in the menial task of hand washing my dishes.

I am a complainer by nature, (LAME) “I know right” so I choose today to love the fact that I have dishes to wash, running water to clean them and a sink to hold them.

I don’t think all photos have to be extraordinary to have meaning, some are quite ordinary!

Morning Tree Silhouettes


Getting up late has its advantages.  Had to take the kids to school and on my way home I spotted this pretty scene.  I still have yet to learn, to bring my camera everywhere.  I had to run to the house and get it, not too far away though.

Another photo that I have been meaning to take for a while.  I like these trees and the way they come together and frame the morning sun, with a rainbow to boot, my lucky day!   Have a wonderful day everyone!