Her Heart Overflows And With The Pencil She Speaks


Can I just say I LOVE HER!!! How many people get to hear I love you Mom, you’re the best Mom ever.  From a 16-year-old.  I will count my blessings!



Technology… I Don’t Like It, Most Of The Time.

M mode, 1/125, F2.4, ISO 200, 50mm

M mode, 1/125, F2.4, ISO 200, 50mm

Trying to figure out a photo to take today and my son was the perfect model.  I despise these soul sucking contraptions so much so my son had to buy his own. Used of course and I can’t wait for the day that he drops it and it no longer works!!!! Would love to have a conversation that didn’t include Huh… I was changing the song… What I was texting… Just a second I am posting something!  The good old days where did they go???

It’s A Rufff… Life!

M mode, 1/30, F1.8, ISO Lo1, 50mm

M mode, 1/30, F1.8, ISO Lo1, 50mm

Yep… still way too cold for me to go trekking around outside today.  So I am in the process of going through my room one item at a time and deciding whether to keep, sell or toss.  “The Dog” reflects the feeling I have for such a chore, would rather take a nap over this any day!

In A Photo Funk!

Needing some new light!

Needing some new light!

I was doing so well in January and then towards the end I just got lazy and the scenery didn’t do much for me in the way of catching my eye and making me think yeah… I have got to have a picture of that!  Now it is already three days into February.  I defiantly need some new light and a change of scenery!

Lost and Found


Went for a little walk today and decided to check out the canal that is drained for the winter, to see what might catch my eye.  When I found this lost treasure on my return back home.  The canal is across from our High School softball fields.   Not too many foul balls make it that far.