Don’t Forget To Check The ISO!


Another beautiful sunrise this morning!  I was busy getting lunches made and thinking about breakfast, when I looked out side and saw this beauty! I had to grab the camera I thought for a second it would be for my eyes only but I quickly changed my mind.

After it lost all its splendor I realized I forgot to change the ISO from my night-time photographing last night and at 3200 ISO this is just a little too grainy for my liking!  Lesson learned, check the ISO before you start snapping wonders  like this!

I changed the ISO to 200 and captured what was left of the splendor. Can you see the difference in the picture?



5 thoughts on “Don’t Forget To Check The ISO!

    • It really was! I had to walk to my neighbors yard to get it without power lines and phone lines. That is the frustrating thing about where I live I have great views of the Cascades but power lines and such get in the way.

  1. Seriously of course one can see the difference and if the lower picture was after the are indeed blessed that you forgot to change the ISO. Great photograph

    • Aww… Thanks Pete. I remembered after the splendor of it all had dissipated to change the ISO and in the bottom picture there is less graininess to it but the top one although a little grainy, is prettier. 🙂

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