Morning Tree Silhouettes


Getting up late has its advantages.  Had to take the kids to school and on my way home I spotted this pretty scene.  I still have yet to learn, to bring my camera everywhere.  I had to run to the house and get it, not too far away though.

Another photo that I have been meaning to take for a while.  I like these trees and the way they come together and frame the morning sun, with a rainbow to boot, my lucky day!   Have a wonderful day everyone!



You Know When I don’t get out don’t you… yep, “The Dog.”

It is hard to chase trucks from this inside post...

It is hard to chase trucks from this inside post…

I think I will have to challenge myself a little more.  I like my dog but you all may be getting tired of him! Sorry he is my go to when nothing else catches my eye.

Poor Guy just wants to run!  No fence and he likes to chase trucks, not all trucks just certain ones… odd.  So he longs for freedom.


I think he wants me to find another photography subject as well!  Trying to get him to look at me is like asking my teenagers to pose and smile!  It is getting harder and harder.

What? Bad Dog, I Was Never Here!

What? Bad Dog...

What? Bad Dog…


I Was Never Here…

It was way too cold to go find something to capture outside!  The dog of course thought it was too cold too, and found the warmest, coziest room in the house.

He is the cutest dog and I let him get away with too much!

I think these are my favorite so far in the dog series.  I like the expression on his face in the first and I like how his movement makes him disappear before your eyes!  As though he is saying “I was never here.”

Now I have to wash the sheets again. My hubby has a no dog on the bed rule, that is clearly broken on many occasions! Ha-ha!

Working with Shutter Speed

Today I decided to go out and play with the shutter speed, what I got… confused well, not really.  I went out wanting to use the same F stop 4.5 and ISO 200 and just change the SS and this is what I got.

Of course the subject is the dog.  I wasn’t looking for clarity necessarily, just the right lighting.  I started my Shutter Speed at 1/80th working my way down or up, since in photography everything is backwards less is more, more is less.  As if things aren’t hard enough.

So the numbers go down as the lighting goes up; hence less is more and now, my head starts to hurt.


1/80th Remember all other variables stayed the same f4.5 ISO200













Now to decide which is the best ratio that produced the most accurate light.  If I went with my own eyes I would say it was 1/30th.  My cameras Histogram would tell me it was 1/15th.

I chose the 1/30th because the overall colors seem to match the best to what was actually around outside and inside the car.

If you don’t know what the Histogram is, look into it.  I am just learning about it myself and find it to be helpful.

Well I wanted to post the picture for my 365 project too. I found the experiment to be helpful and maybe for you too. But, this was the one I like the best.  Lighting, clarity and he is just so stinking cute!


1/4, F5, ISO200, 35 mm

7/365 Photo Project