I’ve Got My Eye On You!


Looking so sad.  I had to leave and take the boy to school.  One of my best photo subjects well… sort of.  It seems he is becoming a little camera-shy and doesn’t want to look at me when I call his name!

Still working in Manual Mode but still need to explore other functions there are so stinking many!


A New Addition



She is having a hard time making friends with the others I may need to give her back to the neighbor if the others don’t quit picking on her!  I found out which Hens rule the roost though, Chewy and Big Red.  Chew is the other black one behind her in the top photo, the other is Little Red, Big Red is wandering the pin.

Finally! Some Time…

DSC_0110a DSC_0143

We have been so busy landscaping I haven’t had a chance to really get my camera out!  Mothers day though, I was able to.  We went on a hike up the Icicle! The flowers I have been told are edible but they are also protected and you are not supposed to pick them.  I suppose if I were starving I would have to take the chance!  The little butterflies were cute!   On a creepy note the ticks were insane brushed three of them off my husband. Creepy Critters!

And Now… We Have Chickens!

DSC_0146 DSC_0151 DSC_0162

So it has been a debate lately, should we or shouldn’t we get chickens again… I thought it was settled with the word NO!!!

While I was sleeping, my daughter answers the phone and her Dad asks her if we should get Chickens?  She says “No, I don’t like Chickens.” He then asks “How about little chicks?”  “I like chicks!!!”  That is all it took, SOLD!

We are now proud owners of little chicks, soon to be chickens, my daughter was rather disappointed!  The look on her face when I told her they would become full-grown chickens was… Priceless!!