On a hike the other day we came across this interesting sight.  Lightning strike perhaps?  I have said it before the pines are my preference for hiking in and around.   There was really no trees to be seen on this hike!  I thought it was good exercise but the beauty although there for some, was lacking in my opinion.

It did take me back to my pre-teen years the smell of the sagebrush took me back to the days I would explore the hillsides of Malaga with my Brothers.


Love This Man of Mine!


The enormity of the forest can be scary sometimes but when you have your Daddy by your side you can walk through most anything!

Listening to the forest groan was interesting… trees that have blown over, but are caught be other standing trees makes quite the scary noise.  I was glad to be walking in the daylight.  Under the cover of darkness those noises would have my brain going wild!

Fathers Day, his choice an overnight hike up the Icicle!  That boy of ours had other possible arrangements so the girlie and I took off with Dad to his favorite place the woods.


June Hikes 2014 093


Finally! Some Time…

DSC_0110a DSC_0143

We have been so busy landscaping I haven’t had a chance to really get my camera out!  Mothers day though, I was able to.  We went on a hike up the Icicle! The flowers I have been told are edible but they are also protected and you are not supposed to pick them.  I suppose if I were starving I would have to take the chance!  The little butterflies were cute!   On a creepy note the ticks were insane brushed three of them off my husband. Creepy Critters!

Hiking Season is Upon Us!

DSC_0238 DSC_0280 DSC_0308

Some like the tropics and some like the pines,  I think I am a pine girl!  I do not, on the other hand like heights of any kind… clearly!  My husband went up on this log so of course I had to try!  Walked up it no problem… then it kind of bounced with me on it, waking in me my fear of heights.  My hubby is like just turn around and walk down.  Yeah, not gonna happen, I knew if I picked up one foot I was going to lose it.  So I proceeded to lower my self and scoot back down on my butt!  Can you see the fear!!!!

DSC_0380b DSC_0381b

Hiking, Hiking, Can’t Wait To Get Back At It!

Just one of the amazing views that the camera could not do justice! but it gives you a good idea of what it was like in person.

Just one of the amazing views that the camera could not do justice! but it gives you a good idea of what it was like in person.

My best friend, her daughter and I hiked around Mt. Rainier last summer in 9 days on the 93 mile Wonderland Trail!  It was so much fun!  We had one meltdown day and the rest of the time it was a blast.  It was so beautiful, we totally anticipated rain but the Lord was good to us and it only rained at night after we had the tent set up and had our dinner.


M, 1/60, F1.8, ISO 200, 50mm

There was so much to see, my friend loved all the mushrooms and had to take a picture of just about every one we came across.  So yeah, I have a folder for just the Wonderland mushrooms.  🙂 We did see some pretty cool ones though.

I think this Screams "Caution do not eat me!"

I think this Screams “Caution do not eat me!”

Can’t wait to get back out there, The Northern Loop trail is next on the girls hiking list around Rainier.

Playing With Night Time

Going home!

Going home!

The Moon was pretty tonight, closing down the Aperture gave it a nice star look!

Played with the second photo in Photoshop and used the filter Paint Daubs, it smoothed the look of it.  I thought it looked nice. This one was taken yesterday.

Moon over Orion

Moon over Orion

I Have A New Relationship With The Night Sky

Through the trees eye see...

Through the trees an eye… I see!

I never thought I would be into nighttime photography but after discovering the potential for such beauty through the manual settings… I have a new adoration for the night sky!

Through the trees such beauty I see!

Through the trees such beauty I see!

I was able to go out last night and go hike to the top of a hill and snap some shots.  Out of the 7 I got one that takes my breath away every time I see it.  I think it has the potential to be sellable!  I haven’t posted it yet but soon.

If you are like me and taking on this adventure of the Manual Mode with your camera, don’t give up!  I always gave up and I have been taking pictures in auto for as long as they have had digital cameras.  This year only a couple months ago I decided I am going Manual.  I have gone Auto in emergency situations when I didn’t want to miss something crucial, but when you have time to think and experiment Manual is the way to go! Loving it!!!

Editing… Can Be Fun!!!


Went out this morning… not because I wanted to, but because I had to take kids to school because of a miscalculation in wake-up times!!   ARRRGH!

So why not go take some more pictures that is the goal. One a day at least, for 365 days!

I was out and about last night and took some photos and found a bridge and hike that has eluded me for years!  So, excited I had to go back this morning to check it out during morning hours.  Since I was… in the neighborhood and all!

Today I focus on editing… well actually, I am going to point you to a blog post that helped me discover the History Brush in Photoshop!  Which among other tools I used to edit the picture above. I hope you liked it!