Just A Sliver


Another clear and cold night, Moon time!!!  I hope everyone tries to get pictures of the Moon and doesn’t give up!  Early on in my photography I gave up so easy, Auto just doesn’t cut it.  This Manual Mode is A.W.E.S.O.M.E.  I have said this before but I just want others to know when you think it isn’t possible don’t give up!!! Seriously missed out on the Moon for years and now I am Moon crazy!


I was trying to get a nice clear shot of the crescent with the whole circle of the Moon showing but this was as close and as clean as I got.  The more I look at it the more I like it!


And from far, far away! And through the tree.



As Close As I Can…


Manual Mode, 1/125, F4.5, ISO 200, 24mm

I was hoping to catch the train coming at me while I was on the tracks… but considering I am a wife and mother of two teenagers, I thought it best to keep a safe distance.

I have something in mind for another photo.  As the train went by it had an engine going in reverse in the right conditions and at the right angle I can have it look like it is coming at me without the bad timing possibility!

I had fun in Photoshop converting it to BW and playing with some other things such as the blur tool, the history brush and I may have used the diffused glow filter one of my favorites!

Happy New Year to all of you already in 2014 I still have a few hours yet of 2013!!!

Room With A View.


Photo Info M, 1/45, F1.8, ISO 200, 50mm


The Dog has found a new place to hang out while I blog and surf Facebook.  I would say it is a far cry better than where he usually likes to be.  That would be draped across my lap or even sitting like he is in the second photo… on my lap.  My mistake, when he was a puppy I would let him lie on my lap while I was working on the computer.  He does not realize, he out grew my lap years ago.


Photo Info M, 1/60, F1.8, ISO 200, 50mm

My husband revamped the office while on our Christmas and New Year break. It is much roomier with more storage,  what woman doesn’t like that? I often think Oh no, what is he thinking when he tells me about his projects.  I should know by now after 16 years of marriage he knows what he is doing and 99% of the time, the results are great!

Vintage Cars Can You Guess The Make and Model?


I haven’t been doing so well with my picture a day challenge.  I hope to get back on track from here on out.  Trying to find something to take a picture of on a foggy cold day was a challenge in it’s self.

I hope everyone had a great Holiday!  I was playing with my wide angle lens and trying to be creative snapped this one and thought it would make a nice mystery shot.

Wondering if there are any Vintage Car buffs out there that can name the make and model without seeing the rest of the vehicle…


What? Bad Dog, I Was Never Here!

What? Bad Dog...

What? Bad Dog…


I Was Never Here…

It was way too cold to go find something to capture outside!  The dog of course thought it was too cold too, and found the warmest, coziest room in the house.

He is the cutest dog and I let him get away with too much!

I think these are my favorite so far in the dog series.  I like the expression on his face in the first and I like how his movement makes him disappear before your eyes!  As though he is saying “I was never here.”

Now I have to wash the sheets again. My hubby has a no dog on the bed rule, that is clearly broken on many occasions! Ha-ha!

Another Moon Shot…I Can’t Help It, I’m A Moon Addict Now!! (I may need an intervention)

Moon Crazy

Moon Crazy

I like the first one best so far.  I am hoping to catch the moonrise as it crests the hills behind my house.  I want to see trees in the foreground.

My settings for this one are 1/8, F22 ISO Lo1, 200mm Using a tripod and later in Photoshop I zoomed in and cropped, then converted it to Black and White and played with the Levels a little bit.

I like the craters along the outer edge, craziness I tell you. This is the closest I will come to the Moon.  I have some what gotten over my fear of flying but to leave the atmosphere Hmm… I don’t think I could do it!

And a shout out to my fellow blogger on a quest to capture the Moon as well. You got this!!!

  • Day 18 (annishathcock.wordpress.com)

Editing… Can Be Fun!!!


Went out this morning… not because I wanted to, but because I had to take kids to school because of a miscalculation in wake-up times!!   ARRRGH!

So why not go take some more pictures that is the goal. One a day at least, for 365 days!

I was out and about last night and took some photos and found a bridge and hike that has eluded me for years!  So, excited I had to go back this morning to check it out during morning hours.  Since I was… in the neighborhood and all!

Today I focus on editing… well actually, I am going to point you to a blog post that helped me discover the History Brush in Photoshop!  Which among other tools I used to edit the picture above. I hope you liked it!