Gone awhile! Stevens Pass to Stehekin Section K of the PCT



Spent 8 days and 7 nights on Section K of the PCT, Stevens to Stehekin!


This was my home!


We walked and walked chased by thunder storms and lightning strikes!


We made it to the top of hills and the bottom of valleys.


Looking at this photo makes my tummy flip flop.  We were on the other side of the valley looking at our next days adventure.  The switchbacks in the green brushy side of the hill across the way! That section decided it for me, I will not do this section again!


Who needs a newspaper with a 360 view such as this!  You still want to make it quick! 😉


Same Loo the only one on the section with such a view!


Just making sure no one gets lost! This one was pretty with the flower!


My husband doing what he does best scaring the crap out of me! Remember that brushy hillside we finally emerged from its brushy wet hot grasp to look at yesterdays camp across the way below the snow!


Glacier Peak in all its glory!


You may have heard of all the fires in Washington well there are places to get away from it such as this place. The Smoke is still visible as evening creeps closer and the smoke plumes begin to rise in the distance!  I hope you enjoyed some of the pictures of our trip!














On a hike the other day we came across this interesting sight.  Lightning strike perhaps?  I have said it before the pines are my preference for hiking in and around.   There was really no trees to be seen on this hike!  I thought it was good exercise but the beauty although there for some, was lacking in my opinion.

It did take me back to my pre-teen years the smell of the sagebrush took me back to the days I would explore the hillsides of Malaga with my Brothers.


Love This Man of Mine!


The enormity of the forest can be scary sometimes but when you have your Daddy by your side you can walk through most anything!

Listening to the forest groan was interesting… trees that have blown over, but are caught be other standing trees makes quite the scary noise.  I was glad to be walking in the daylight.  Under the cover of darkness those noises would have my brain going wild!

Fathers Day, his choice an overnight hike up the Icicle!  That boy of ours had other possible arrangements so the girlie and I took off with Dad to his favorite place the woods.


June Hikes 2014 093


Getting My Exercise In… A good laugh is great too!


So I discovered the other day how awesome it is to walk/jog with the dog hands free!  A plus to the belt and leash looped around it he pulls me when I am a getting tired!  Now if only I was brave and put on some Roller-Blades.

My friend told me years ago about this jogger belt that you can buy that basically does the same thing.  I wish I had thought of it earlier.  I am sure the one you can buy wouldn’t look as goofy as my set up!   My only regret, I bought a 4 foot leash and 6 feet would have been much better considering he likes to run right in front of me, making my stride off a bit.  Still much happier running and the dog is getting that pent-up energy released! 🙂