When the Moon and Planets Come Together!


I hope tonight I will have more time to play with my settings!  Last night I was out with a friend and as we were leaving the restaurant our other friend pointed out this awesome sight!

I was trying not to speed home so I could break out the camera, clean off the dust and capture a few shots before it disappeared behind the hill!  It has been awhile once again maybe this will snap me out of my photography slump!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day or night where ever you may be on this amazing planet!

3 thoughts on “When the Moon and Planets Come Together!

    • I don’t know… I didn’t hear anything about it! I looked up and thought I must get home and capture it! You always make me think and wonder what does she mean… Salon, August presence… if you were to see me in person you would see the perplexed look on my face. The one that says do I smile and nod as though I am in the know or just say aloud what my face already expresses HUH… WHAT??

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