Just In Case You Were Wondering…


Hard at work with landscaping and cleaning up our yard!  It is looking pretty good!  The grass is starting to grow and that makes me happy!  The photo isn’t note worthy by any means but it’s a start!!! HAHA!  Yeah, I know, not that funny!  Sorry I haven’t been to faithful with my posts, to all of you still following me… Thanks.


6 thoughts on “Just In Case You Were Wondering…

  1. I bloody was ! [grump grump]
    Wonderful to see the grass shoots, Maria ! – your husband must be tickled pink too ! I hope you-know-who won’t go diggin among them all …?

      • Then he must be fretting a bit in the meantime – poor Kona ! But you take him for walks, I know. Still, it’ll be wonderful when that’s all done.
        More photos, please ! 🙂

      • For you one of the faithful ones, I will see what I can capture tomorrow! Oh, I did get a new Chicken today! She is Beautiful, black with a green sheen to the feathers. Maybe a photo of her! 🙂

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