Finally! Some Time…

DSC_0110a DSC_0143

We have been so busy landscaping I haven’t had a chance to really get my camera out!  Mothers day though, I was able to.  We went on a hike up the Icicle! The flowers I have been told are edible but they are also protected and you are not supposed to pick them.  I suppose if I were starving I would have to take the chance!  The little butterflies were cute!   On a creepy note the ticks were insane brushed three of them off my husband. Creepy Critters!


10 thoughts on “Finally! Some Time…

  1. Maria, Maria … I am confused. To begin with, I didn’t receive an email advice of this post … and then I find something different on your blog – a new theme ? Without ‘Likes’ ? Did you mean not to have ‘Likes’?
    Well, I like these two photos VERY MUCH INDEED. The little trifoil flowers are just beautiful, and the tiny butterflies, too.
    But ticks ? – hope Kona wasn’t there !

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