Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top


Writing in her first summit book!  I love living where I do, so many things to do and see and the fact that I can do this with my family makes it that much more enjoyable!  On Top of Sauer Mt. A hike not even ten minutes from home!  We started our hiking season on Easter Sunday this year, hoping to get a ton of hikes in this year.  God willing! 🙂

Still learning the functions of my camera missing a shot or two but getting better at figuring out what dials to turn to get what I want. Manual Mode is the way to go!


6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top

    • Yes it does… but this one for me, is pretty cool my girl hates hiking. So when we can get her to the top of a Mt. It is pretty special. I understand… that first one is pretty darn awesome glad I could say I saw it with my own eyes! 🙂

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