Hiking Season is Upon Us!

DSC_0238 DSC_0280 DSC_0308

Some like the tropics and some like the pines,  I think I am a pine girl!  I do not, on the other hand like heights of any kind… clearly!  My husband went up on this log so of course I had to try!  Walked up it no problem… then it kind of bounced with me on it, waking in me my fear of heights.  My hubby is like just turn around and walk down.  Yeah, not gonna happen, I knew if I picked up one foot I was going to lose it.  So I proceeded to lower my self and scoot back down on my butt!  Can you see the fear!!!!

DSC_0380b DSC_0381b


11 thoughts on “Hiking Season is Upon Us!

  1. I love your husband’s hair: bet you run your hand over it often ! And as to your daughter – one would never realize she was in a place she wasn’t keen on. Such lovely photos, Maria !

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