The Chicks Are Growing Up!

DSC_0439 DSC_0468

Well I would have to say having Chickens again isn’t the Cluster Cluck I thought it would be.  Yes I have my moments…  They are growing up so quickly!

The black one is Chewy, I haven’t named the others yet, that isn’t entirely true.  The others I call curious.  That is what I call any of them when they start looking around and getting closer to me to see what I  am doing.

Chewy got her name because the markings on her head from a distance looked like Chewy from Star Wars.


5 thoughts on “The Chicks Are Growing Up!

  1. Whatever you do, don’t allow this middle growth period to ‘put you off’ them, Maria ! – like all animals they’re adorable as babies, but actually much more interesting as fully-formed adults. Like us, too ??? 😀

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