He Loves Me!!!


My husbands first job was a line cook at a German restaurant, he has enjoyed cooking ever since.  He can open a cupboard and pull this and that out and make a mouth-watering creation. I on the other hand open it and blank…  Good thing he didn’t have too many domestic requirements for marrying me!  He loves me, that is all that is needed and for me to love him back of course!  My son likes his cooking much more than he likes mine!  That’s fine, I will do the dishes.


2 thoughts on “He Loves Me!!!

  1. What a lovely-looking bloke he is, your husband, Maria ! Mine had a haircut and beard just like that, and he was also a brilliant cook! I never set foot in the kitchen – well, other than to make pots of tea. 🙂

    • Thanks M-R! He is a good man. We were and are very lucky ladies to have the experience of such good men! It can be a hard thing finding that perfect mate. I count my lucky stars that I was able to find him right out of the gate! 🙂 I still have to cook, but I enjoy it very much when he does.

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