Took my dog out on the retractable leash that doesn’t retract anymore.  Took him over to watch a friend’s daughter practice Softball.  Was doing well until a neighbor thought it was OK to have her dog off leash and it started to run around the outfield!  My dog saw a dinner option and bolted there in, leaving my shutter finger almost taken off.

Let this be another warning on top of the one already on the packaging, you are not stronger than your dog!!  Do not for any reason wrap the leash around your hand or fingers. For all you visual learners!!!  Next month may look like this month with my lame efforts to take a picture a day for 365 days.


6 thoughts on “Oops…!

  1. Maria ! – you poor bugger !!! I’m so sorry, for I know it will be terribly painful, that kind of pulled wound … I hope you’ve had it looked at !

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