Need To Put These Shoes To A Better Use!


These shoes need to see some action!!!  I was doing really well last summer running everyday sometimes twice a day and now… They have become pillows.  I have become a comfy pillow too if you know what I mean… so I  need to get back out there.  It does a body good and perhaps I will find something interesting to take a picture of!

Sorry, haven’t been to faithful to my picture a day for 365 days.  I guess I just want the photo to be unique and interesting and well when your day consists of dishes, laundry and such, the photo ops just aren’t there or I am just not that creative.


9 thoughts on “Need To Put These Shoes To A Better Use!

  1. Sometimes I think the setting onself any kind of standard can be a nono, Maria – better to simply go with the flow. And then sometimes I think that if one goes with the flow one becomes a cushion. Question: does it actually matter? Answer: depends on one’s mood of the moment. [grin]

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