Wordless Wednesday…


I am sensing a trend, are Wordless Wednesdays suppose to actually be Wordless???  My first entry, I promise the next will actually be Wordless.

8 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday…

  1. Because I’m a prolific poster Wordless Wednesday & Silent Sunday give me a break from the need to describe an obvious photograph. Sometimes words aren’t necessary. 🙂

  2. Interesting philosophical debate…never mind the real caption, by just captioning something as wordless Wednesday aren’t we already negating the ‘wordless’ notion?

    • Uh Oh… Worms, I opened a can of worms. I was just curious as to the true meaning and idea of Wordless Wednesday, is it truly suppose to be wordless, I just want to follow proper Wordless Wednesday etiquette. I guess I am over thinking. Hmm… yes, over thinking. Am I the only one to find it odd to find photos titled Wordless Wed. with a long wordy description. If I haven’t completely ticked people off I will participate. And as promised the next one will be Wordless. 🙂

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