Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

A Window To My Soul

A Window To My Soul

I thought perhaps it would be fun to join the Weekly Photo Challenge.  I was thinking  “Do I have a photo I could use Hmm…”  When I glanced and saw the reflection in the window where I sit.  I liked the clean organized look.  That of course, is not who I am, this is all my husband!  🙂

It does reflect however the things we enjoy together and separately.  We started hiking four years ago and we finally discovered a hobby we both enjoy.  My Hubby likes clean organized areas and I… well they say opposites attract. 😉 Photography is my thing!  The things behind me have the potential to take me places I have never been and the photographic possibilities are endless!  A window to my soul!

Morning Tree Silhouettes


Getting up late has its advantages.  Had to take the kids to school and on my way home I spotted this pretty scene.  I still have yet to learn, to bring my camera everywhere.  I had to run to the house and get it, not too far away though.

Another photo that I have been meaning to take for a while.  I like these trees and the way they come together and frame the morning sun, with a rainbow to boot, my lucky day!   Have a wonderful day everyone!