Play Time For The Both Of Us!

M, 1/8, F1.8, ISO200, 50mm

M, 1/8, F1.8, ISO200, 50mm

He stares intently at his toy being held at the top of the photo.  He had fun unwrapping it for Christmas and enjoys a good game of fetch.  Kona is quite the character, he is just too much of a ham not to take his picture.

I really need to get out and about to take some pictures of something other than the dog.  Although his expressiveness in the eyes draw the camera back to him again and again.

Still using my camera in Manual Mode.  That is the goal from the start of this project it has been fun learning on my own with tips from some great Bloggers and Photographers that I am following.

Looking forward to a new year full of new adventures and photographic possibilities!  We are avid hikers and I can’t wait to take my camera along and get some night shots of the mountains, lakes and streams that are so abundant in the area of Washington that I live!  Now that I have the know how I am just a little giddy with thoughts of nature, the smell of the forest and the beauty that the night sky holds!