Playing With Night Time

Going home!

Going home!

The Moon was pretty tonight, closing down the Aperture gave it a nice star look!

Played with the second photo in Photoshop and used the filter Paint Daubs, it smoothed the look of it.  I thought it looked nice. This one was taken yesterday.

Moon over Orion

Moon over Orion

2 thoughts on “Playing With Night Time

    • Thank you! 🙂
      The settings for the second picture was Bulb setting for Shutter Speed held for 22sec. Fstop or Aperture was at F16, ISO was 2000 and the focal length was around 12 using my Wide Angle lens 10-24mm. Use a Tripod and if you have a remote shutter release I would use that too. I do not have one yet so I have to hand hold the shutter down. If I think I am shaking I let off the shutter and see what I get. I hope I’m not giving you info you already know, I just want others capture that Moon as I finally did after years of missing out! Good luck, don’t give up! 🙂

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