I Have A New Relationship With The Night Sky

Through the trees eye see...

Through the trees an eye… I see!

I never thought I would be into nighttime photography but after discovering the potential for such beauty through the manual settings… I have a new adoration for the night sky!

Through the trees such beauty I see!

Through the trees such beauty I see!

I was able to go out last night and go hike to the top of a hill and snap some shots.  Out of the 7 I got one that takes my breath away every time I see it.  I think it has the potential to be sellable!  I haven’t posted it yet but soon.

If you are like me and taking on this adventure of the Manual Mode with your camera, don’t give up!  I always gave up and I have been taking pictures in auto for as long as they have had digital cameras.  This year only a couple months ago I decided I am going Manual.  I have gone Auto in emergency situations when I didn’t want to miss something crucial, but when you have time to think and experiment Manual is the way to go! Loving it!!!


7 thoughts on “I Have A New Relationship With The Night Sky

    • I have been having so much fun. Every time it is clear out at night I bundle up and see what I can see. unfortunately around my house there are tons of wires crisscrossing the sky and light pollution from the neighbors flood light. So I need to go find a nice dark area to get the good stuff! Without the electrical wires as well.

      • I do use a tripod, and I use my Wide angle Tamron 10-24mm lens. I use the Bulb setting which means you hold the shutter down as long as you want to let in the light for as long as possible I have been averaging 28-30 seconds so you will need a tripod and a somewhat steady hand. If I think I am starting to shake I let off the shutter and just see what I get. Been experimenting with that a bit lately. Depending on your ISO and your Fstop opening the time you hold the shutter open will vary. I hope some of this made sense. Just experiment that is what I have done lately. When I finally grasped the ISO and F stop things are getting a little easier to decide what shutter speed to use, that I also just adjust randomly to see what happens.

      • Ah cool! Well you’re doing a great job! I’m getting my Zoom lens (55-250mm) for Christmas and I can’t wait! I only have the standard 18-55mm lens it came with at the moment.. So no good night shots in line for me just yet!! 😛

      • You can still get nice shots with that lens too! 🙂 I got some the other day. I just like the wider lens because you can get a much bigger view! Keep trying, crank open the aperture F3.5-4 or as wide open as it will let you go and set your ISO at anywhere between 1000-3200 Set your camera to the Bulb Setting and then play with the ratios until you start to see something you like. With the ISO at 3200 you don’t have to hold the shutter down for very long to capture the light. If your F stop # is higher say 16-32 you will have to hold the shutter open longer. You can do it, I know you can. 😉

      • ahhhh thanks so much for that!!! :D! I just read that wide angle lens was the best for it! I did manage to pick the stars up on my camera (photo is quite early on in my blog) which was fun! I’ve just copied and pasted your comment so I’ll try and give it a little go this week! I’ll let you know how I get on! :D! Thanks!

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