Seeing Stars!



My first attempt at capturing starlight It took a good 4 or 5 tries but you can see Orion in this one! This is my Thanksgiving post! Thankful for the Universe the Lord created for us to enjoy!

I used my tripod, my wide-angle lens I set my camera to the Bulb setting and F Stop was at 4  and the Shutter Speed well it was a clear night and freezing so I held the shutter release down as long as I could before I started shaking.  This is where a remote would come in quite handy! This was the clearest picture I got!

You know I thought I couldn’t learn this but I am and I am so thankful that it is possible, to change your mindset and try new things and learn something new everyday!  Reminds me of a sweet lady I met working at a nursing home.  She always set aside money every year and every new year she took that money and learned something new Pottery, Painting, Drawing… something just for her, an awesome lady she was.


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