27/365 What the camera says is right, isn’t always right…


1.5 exposure time, F38, 55mm

Wow! Bright Light, Bright Light!! Good thing I’m not a Gremlin… I did not, just date myself!  Anyway, I set the camera so that the exposure said it was all good you know that line that looks like this in your camera ——I—— and if it is good, it should look like what I just did.  Well, the picture above is what I got… not right!

So I did a quicker exposure time and made my line look more like this ——I1111– if you know what I mean.  This is what happens when a Newbie is being self-taught and tries to explain in camera exposure.

1/45 exposure time, F38, 55mm

1/45 exposure time, F38, 55mm


These are the neighbors Pigeons that for some reason they thought it was a good idea to start feeding! Yuck!!! If I were a mean neighbor I would allow my son to practice target shooting.  I am not though, so they make for a nice photo shoot instead!

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!



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