Unconditional Love

Dog backwards God

Dog backwards God


Brainstorming for another picture so that I could post and be caught up.  My original plan was to do the heart thing on its own, then you know who… decided he wanted to be part of the post as always.  It couldn’t have been more perfect so I went with it!  The Bible open to the book of John the one book that is all about the Unconditional Love of God.  The dog decided to lay down and take another nap.

It got me thinking about something I read a while ago about a Dog being so much like God in their unconditional love for us. I cherish what the Lord has done for me and I cherish my dog they both love me no matter what I have done or what my mood is.  They both always welcome me when ever I sit with them.

If you want to experience unconditional love on earth get a dog.  If you want to experience it for an Eternity read the book of John in the bible and let the Lord into your heart!


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