The Forming of a New Life!!


I have been waiting to do this for such a long time!  “Prego Belly Pictures”  I love the miracle of life!  It just amazes me! Sorry don’t mean to be screaming at you.  I was just so excited to do a pregnancy photo shoot.


This is a dear friend of mine, we go way back but time and space and different lives haven’t always kept us in touch.  When I found out she was pregnant and she happen to say she wanted pictures done, I was all over it!  Hounding and hounding until finally, today was the big day.


I can’t wait for her to see them, you all got the first peek!


I was driving to her house and had to go a different way I was so thankful that I did!  She wanted a country theme and as I was driving I past the perfect place, a large parcel of land that had old fence posts with no wire on them. with a great view of  Saddle Rock a nice little hike across the river.  I had an awesome day!  Hope you enjoy the pictures.


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