Looking Back At The Abandoned

Looking in on the past.

Looking in and through the past.

I turned up a road that I have never been on before because Dead Ends have never appealed to me.  Today I figured why not, just off the road sits three rundown “Picker Cabins” and often times I drive by thinking I need to go check it out, it was kind of creepy!  One of those roads you just aren’t sure you want to be caught at the end of, without a quick get away!

I posted once today but it has been bothering me for some time now, that my pictures do not add up to the same day of the month I am on.  So I am fixing that now.  Did that make sense…?

I wish I could have gotten out but as I looked in my rearview, I saw someone standing at the end of the road watching my every move.  It couldn’t possibly have been because I backed up all lady like and took up the whole road so I could take my picture! HAHA!

Anyway, the wood was worn and you could see through the walls.  Someone at one time took something less than par and tried to make it a home with wallpaper and a pretty curtain (at one time) over the window.  I found the scene to be quite thought-provoking.  I hope you find it to do the same for you.  As you let your mind wander to the day the wallpaper was fresh and the curtain was new.


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