Low light

A Dogs Life, Must Be Nice!

A Dogs Life, Must Be Nice!

Well last night I realized I hadn’t taken a picture yet.  All the human subjects of the household were a little weary and some are getting sick so, not… the greatest time for an impromptu photo shoot!  So once again you get to see, “The Dog” he may need to start his own blog.

Low Light can be a bummer and last night I didn’t really work too hard at getting just the right lighting. I like this one because of the warmth the orange glow brings to the photo.

I may try tonight to customize the White Balance to show the true colors.  Has anyone done that with their DSLRs?  I learned once in a class a few years ago I hope I can remember.

The camera settings for this picture was 1/2, F4.8, ISO 320, 32mm

I realize now that I could have kept bumping up the ISO to get better light.  That would also mean losing picture quality, Hmm… trial and error that is how we learn!

Do you have time for a funny story…?  This cute little bundle of joy pictured above is spoiled rotten!  Last winter he was acting all weird. So when kids, animals do that kind of thing… you know, get in your face and won’t leave you alone, what do you do?  You ask them all the pertinent questions.  Do you need to go to the bathroom, outside, need to go pee?  None of these brought the proper response that would indicate yes to any of those questions.

So I turned to my hubby and I said “I think he is cold and wants you to build a fire.”  It was cold, so my hubby built a fire.  Sure enough the dog lied down much like the picture above and went to sleep!!!  I told my friends that Cesar Millan had nothing on me HaHa.  The only difference my dog is a Human Whisperer he gets me, to do what he wants.


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