The Moon!!!



The Moon has been an object complicated to capture, for me anyway.  It always came out as a pin dot or a big blob of light.

Until Manual Mode, Oh how I like thee!  It has taken me years I always gave up, Auto Mode just couldn’t do it.  Last night it was clear and I couldn’t wait to get home and try out my new mad skills in manual mode!

After a few frustrating attempts, I finally found it, the sweet ratio that brought out the best detail.  It was at 1/30, F22, ISO Lo0.7, 200mm.

I am sure I could have done some more fine tuning, but I got it… a moon shot, with visible moon surface detail!!! I was so excited I told my hubby several times out of the blue, I got a picture of the moon!   Annoying I am sure but, I after years of frustration finally captured the Moon!!

I did do some post processing by enlarging it and then cropping it.  I also adjusted the brightness and contrast to bring out some of that awesome moon surface detail!!!!

Wahoo… I got a picture of the moon!!!


9 thoughts on “The Moon!!!

    • Thank you, that really means a lot to me! I am kind of muddling through this on my own, checking out different blogs and ideas. So I guess it wouldn’t be on my own. I am thankful for all those that can put things in simple terms, I need that (HAHA)!

      • Gives me hope 🙂 I’ve been trying the same, but playing around trying to get photos of the night sky (stars) I’m learning by the second…but need new a new lense and a tripod really…good thing christmas is on the way! haha 😀

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