Using the Telephoto 55-200mm

On Her Morning Hunt

On Her Morning Hunt

Photo Info 1/30, F4, ISO Lo 0.7, 55mm

Momma Kitty is her name… came to us as a stray several years ago as a young one.  She wasn’t afraid of anything, not even the 80 lb. dog that chased and cornered her.

She stood her ground and the dog didn’t know what to do.  They were best friends shortly after that. The dog has been gone for a year now. He was at least 13 years old when he left us.

She is still going strong, captured her this morning while she was hunting.

Thought I would use the telephoto to try and blur the background I guess it worked.  Still working on finding the right ratios for the perfect light.  This one I feel is a little on the bright side.

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