Working with Shutter Speed

Today I decided to go out and play with the shutter speed, what I got… confused well, not really.  I went out wanting to use the same F stop 4.5 and ISO 200 and just change the SS and this is what I got.

Of course the subject is the dog.  I wasn’t looking for clarity necessarily, just the right lighting.  I started my Shutter Speed at 1/80th working my way down or up, since in photography everything is backwards less is more, more is less.  As if things aren’t hard enough.

So the numbers go down as the lighting goes up; hence less is more and now, my head starts to hurt.


1/80th Remember all other variables stayed the same f4.5 ISO200













Now to decide which is the best ratio that produced the most accurate light.  If I went with my own eyes I would say it was 1/30th.  My cameras Histogram would tell me it was 1/15th.

I chose the 1/30th because the overall colors seem to match the best to what was actually around outside and inside the car.

If you don’t know what the Histogram is, look into it.  I am just learning about it myself and find it to be helpful.

Well I wanted to post the picture for my 365 project too. I found the experiment to be helpful and maybe for you too. But, this was the one I like the best.  Lighting, clarity and he is just so stinking cute!


1/4, F5, ISO200, 35 mm

7/365 Photo Project


3 thoughts on “Working with Shutter Speed

  1. As if it isn’t hard enough….I know what you mean! Shutter speed is my biggest struggle as well. (Oh wait, it might be ISO, too) Do you use the meter in the camera?? I have found this to be most helpful….I set the ISO (totally use a cheat sheet) I pick the aperture, then I use my meter to help adjust the shutter speed….because I never have any idea what speed to put it on myself!!!

    • I have not used the meter in the camera… I may have to pull out the manual (Ha,Ha) and check it out! I need to check my Pinterest boards to see if I posted any cheat sheets for the ISO too. I try to keep the ISO as low as possible it has been at 200 today. I think my experiment tomorrow will be adjusting the Aperture and leaving the rest fixed and see what happens. I seriously don’t have a clue about any of it.

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