No Longer In The Auto Zone!!!

I am excited to say that!  “What, not in Auto?”  Wahoo!  A learning process for sure but I think I’m going to get this.

Today I made it out of my home and early enough to catch the sun coming up over the hills of Cashmere WA.

I was on my way to a friend’s house to soak in some of Gods word, and found myself stopping several times to capture the many sunrays coming through trees and weeds!

Telling myself I am late, I am late, but just one more picture!  This project has got me inspired again to use my camera!

So I hope whomever views this blog enjoys the warmth of the sun that shines through these two photos.

Photo info Hills, 1/30, F29, ISO200, 24mm

Cresting the hills a kiss from the sun, good morning November.

Cresting the hills a kiss from the sun, good morning November.

Photo info The Blues 1/40, F18, ISO 200, 24mm


The blues have new meaning.

4/356 Photo Project


6 thoughts on “No Longer In The Auto Zone!!!

  1. Awesome photos and good for you for working in manual. I just learned myself, over the past year, so I know what you are feeling. I look forward to seeing your pictures over this coming year!

    • Thank you, I hope to learn from others as well! This is exciting! As hard as it is for me to figure all this out, I want to stick with it and not give up like I usually do. So here’s to learning with you!

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