Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top


While hiking around Mt. Rainier on the Wonderland Trail we reached our camp and were able to check out the area and there was this amazing campsite that overlooked this amazing view!  We had already had our camp set up when I discovered this one, watching the sunset is my Best Friend and her daughter.  With views like this you can’t help but feel like you are On Top of the world!

Spring Has Sprung, and Photographers Unite!

DSC_0542 DSC_0543

The Spring flowers are finally starting to bloom and they are so pretty!

Funny story actually, I was sitting in my front yard, camera to my face when a guy in a truck drives by with a smile on his face giving me a thumbs-up.

I wasn’t sure if I was sharing my side of the moon, which is so not cool!  Checking and was confident that wasn’t the case.  He has returned and parked across the street jumping out of his truck and walking over to me exclaiming how he was doing that very thing just yesterday.

In his hands he has his I-Pad and his nifty portable backdrops for isolating objects. He had his pictures up and was ready to show me all the photos he took the other day!  It was an odd encounter but funny!

The Chicks Are Growing Up!

DSC_0439 DSC_0468

Well I would have to say having Chickens again isn’t the Cluster Cluck I thought it would be.  Yes I have my moments…  They are growing up so quickly!

The black one is Chewy, I haven’t named the others yet, that isn’t entirely true.  The others I call curious.  That is what I call any of them when they start looking around and getting closer to me to see what I  am doing.

Chewy got her name because the markings on her head from a distance looked like Chewy from Star Wars.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument

Women In Service Memorial at the Arlington Cemetery. Seems monumental to me.

My first time to the DC area my Sister took me sight-seeing, of course.  While we were there the weather went from nice and sunny to a torrential downpour.

Before it started to rain we made a call, to be bicycled over the bridge to all the other monuments and such. It was nice so we decided to cancel and walk.

OOPs, the rain started and we got soaked. My Sister was like “Now if we were only wearing running clothes we would look dedicated, hardcore, but no, we just look stupid!!!”  Oh how I miss my Sister wish she lived closer.

He Loves Me!!!


My husbands first job was a line cook at a German restaurant, he has enjoyed cooking ever since.  He can open a cupboard and pull this and that out and make a mouth-watering creation. I on the other hand open it and blank…  Good thing he didn’t have too many domestic requirements for marrying me!  He loves me, that is all that is needed and for me to love him back of course!  My son likes his cooking much more than he likes mine!  That’s fine, I will do the dishes.